We are Alpin 3D Design


We develop new maps, vehicles and equipment for ski resort simulations


Modelling and programming based on prototype documents


Performance-optimised development so that our modifications run perfectly on a wide range of systems

Free Download

Free download of the finished mod for our community


Our successes in the Winter Resort Simulator with SNOW.Control

We won 2nd place in the vehicles category of the Winter Resort Simulator Modding Contest with SNOW.Control!

current Steam Workshop subscribers
positive Steam reviews
published snow groomers / snow cannons
current Steam Workshop favourites
Pictrure by Dominik1503
Pictrure by Sascha01
Pictrure by DonChris
Pictrure by Sascha01
Pictrure by Sascha01
Pictrure by Schleppi
Pictrure by Sascha01
Pictrure by DonChris
Pictrure by Schleppi

Our Concerns

full operability

Our modifications offer a high degree of functionality that corresponds to the prototype

high Quality

High quality is particularly important to us and we also attach great importance to it

extensive repertoire

We are proud of a large repertoire from a well-utilised snowmaking sector to our own cable car control (RWC) and the piste preparation sector filled by the Prinoth Pack

Free updates & support

We offer regular updates as well as free support for our community

100% international

Our mods are widely used

passion never fails