We are Alpin 3D Design

Coding (Scripting)

In order for our mods to have the appropriate features, we need our scripting department

3D – Artist (Modelling)

Our 3D artists create detailed models of the role models


Our ingamers really breathe life into our mods so that you can enjoy the features you are used to

2D – Artist (Texturiering)

The 2D artists are responsible for ensuring that the models of the 3D artists also have the appropriate textures

World – Designing (Mapping)

Our world designers build maps. Each one is individual and has its own special features

Are you as enthusiastic as we are about snowguns and snowcats? Then send us your application


Our scripters extend our modifications with new features that the game does not provide by default. You work from a small feature to your own software


As an ingamer you have full power over all features that the mod should have. You build in the functions that the A3D.Scripter makes available to you


The mappers in the A3D create the ski area of their ideas. Creativity is paramount here ;D


Our 3D Artists model detailed models from the original manufacturers. Accuracy as well as attention to detail is welcome here!


A 2D artist ensures that the 3D models also get the right textures, that they look like in real life.

Do you have experience in one of the areas mentioned earlier? Then don’t hesitate for long and apply now!

passion never fails