Alpin 3D Design presents the TechnoAlpin snowlances pack for the Skiregion Simulator 2012

Are you ready for the most snow-sure winter season in your ski area? Then the TechnoAlpin Lance Pack is just right for you! This pack provides you with detailed snow lances from the “TechnoAlpin” brand that are equipped with many functions. With the well-known models such as the V3, TL6, Borax, Rubis Evo and Safyr, we are expanding the Ski Region Simulator 2012 with 13 more snow lances from TechnoAlpin. We have also added numerous new functions to the pack. So there is now not only a new particle system, but also a new operating hours counter and snow lances that can be set up and dismantled for summer simulation. But also smaller features like the choice of protective mat colors bring new possibilities with them. However, smaller, but extremely useful features have also found their way into the pack. This means that a snow lance that is in operation is now also saved and does not need to be switched on again the next time it is started.


  • 13 new snowlances
  • completely new models with improved texture
  • mountable & dismountable snowlances (for the summer)

  • Protective mats can be activated with 2. different colors
  • new, improved exterior sound
  • placeable
  •  new, improved operating hours script
  • the operating status is saved (the snow gun will be in operation again the next time the game is started)


Note: By downloading these modifications, you accept our terms of use

TechnoAlpin snowlances

  • V3
  • Borax
  • Rubis Evo
  • Safyr
  • TL6

In different variants

  • 3m, 6m & 10m Executions
  • With & without compressor (V3)

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